Yeşil Deniz : Season Finale

Yeşil Deniz : Season Finale
Süleman's farewell tour brings despair to Yeşilova
Episode 75 – Season Finale

The brothers don’t like the idea of İsmail leaving town very much. Süleman, on the other hand, encourages İsmail to leave and experience new things. Meanwhile, Süleman himself needs to go to İzmir to get his health checked. Telling various lies to his brothers and the folks at home, he goes to İzmir with Fikri. The brothers who kept stalling Safiye so as not to let Semih near all the money need to make a decision now. İsmail’s good-bye session with his loved ones sadden Yeşilova immensely. How will Ersin react to his brother’s departure? How will brothers say good-bye to İsmail? As the reason for Süleman’s nose bleeds is revealed in İzmir, what kind of surprise awaits Hafize in the end?

Season finale airs Monday 30th, at 20.00 on TRT 1!