Broken Pieces | Cihan's grand gesture for Ayşe

Broken Pieces | Cihan's grand gesture for Ayşe
Raising the bar for all the guys--- Cihan does it again
Episode 68

With a fake report he issued himself, Rahmi has Ozan locked up in an asylum. He also manages to convince Cihan that Ozan is on vacation. Maide intends to buy out Ozan’s company shares by using Candan.

Dilara forgives Harun after he supports her fully in her darkest times as Demir Alaz gets sick and hospitalized. Meanwhile, Cihan also strives for Ayşe’s forgiveness. The big surprise he prepares for Ayşe will make things more than alright between the two.

Over the moon for having reunited with Dilara, Harun goes home to break the good news to Maide. Right then, a picture they see on their computer knocks the breath out of them.

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