Baba Can'dır | Salih finally lets Haluk marry Ece

Baba Can'dır | Salih finally lets Haluk marry Ece
Meanwhile, Salih's health gets worse
Episode 40

Haluk finally forgives his mother and Ece. Going soft after Haluk’s accident, Salih tells Haluk to come and ask for Ece’s hand in marriage. Ceylan’s grandfather tests Emre’s cooking skills. The day he’ll officially ask for permission to marry Ece, Haluk’s bad luck is in full force, making him think he is cursed!

Nermin thinks Müjde is the one to blame for her red hair and plans a revenge. Levent’s arrival causes confusion as Grandpa Mehmet learns from him that Emrecan is married to someone else, so he takes Ceylan and makes plans to go back to Ürgüp. Salih finds out about Levent’s relationship with Ece. He asks Ece and Nermin to stay out of his sight for a while for lying to him, and also cancels the marriage proposal. Salih’s health also deteriorates.

Adnan makes a decision to research Salih’s disease. Emrecan tries to convince Grandpa Mehmet to let him marry Ceylan as Haluk tries to convince Salih to let him marry Ece.

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