O Hayat Benim | Bahar bears bad news for Ateş

O Hayat Benim | Bahar bears bad news for Ateş
As Ateş deals with a heavy drama of his own in prison, the news Bahar brings him makes it worse
Episode 96

The threat continues! And so does the war Affan started against Efsun. The funeral that brings everyone together only to cause more drama. Now the police knows Affan is responsible for everything as well but it’s not very easy to reach and grab this dark, mysterious man. The neighborhood residents will have to avenge their own cause! Meanwhile in prison, Ateş doesn’t believe the man who claims to be his father yet the truth stands before him loud and clear. Ateş is about to lose his father once again after twenty four years. The bad news Bahar bears is the final blow for Ateş.

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