LadyVille | Koptagel's revenge plan backfires

LadyVille | Koptagel's revenge plan backfires
Koptagel's plan of making Elmas jealous goes haywire
Episode 6

Düzgün catches up to Ferit in front of his house and tells him that he’s not buying his lies and that he doesn’t want to see him around his house. When Ferit sees İlkgün is crying for him, he decides to ignore Düzgün’s warning. İlkgün is depressed to find out Ferit is leaving. She is really upset and understands that she is madly in love with him. Yet, she can’t confess this to anyone. Later, when she finds out that Ferit didn’t leave, she’s secretly overjoyed. Ferit calls her by the love waterfall to talk. Ferit falls in the water and takes İlkgün with him, only to boost their intimacy.

Meanwhile, the field transaction between Düzgün and Fikri begins to spiral out of control. As Koptagel goes home with Reşat’s sister to make Elmas jealous, Elmas goes out with Reşat to get back at Koptagel. Reşat mistakes Koptagel and Elmas for aunt and nephew, he asks for Elmas’s hand in marriage from Koptagel; which drives Koptagel mad.

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