Black Rose | Kendal's final act of vengeance

Black Rose | Kendal's final act of vengeance
In his last stand, Kendal still means harm
Episode 123

After finding out he lost his beloved son, Kendal breaks Mehdi’s dead body out of the hospital, in full denial. Not knowing about Mehdi’s death, Emine tells Oğuz that Kendal killed her father. Oğuz finally has the reason he’s been looking for for a long time and can finally arrest Kendal. It is time for Kendal to pay the price of his doings. Özlem’s purse is found in the river, which confirms suspicion of Kendal’s role in the accident that took baby Mehdi’s life. After collecting enough evidence, Oğuz arrives to arrest Kendal, only to find a more aggressive and dangerous version of Kendal. Now left with nothing to lose, the entire family will get their share of Kendal’s vow of revenge...

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