Sevda Kuşun Kanadında : Arif visits Tümay and meets her mother

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında : Arif visits Tümay and meets her mother
Arif's visit pleases Tümay
Episode 5

Arif notices the guns placed at the National Turkish Students Union at the very last minute. As he, Ömer and Mustafa bury these guns into a ditch, their photograph is taken. As İbrahim and his friends are still in shock about the gun raid, Intelligence Agency manager Bekir and Commander Zafer go through another shock of their own. Bekir gets an interesting offer from David.

After he solves the gun issue, he gets worried about Tümay and visits her house. Meanwhile, Esma gets kicked out of Zafer’s house and they don’t let her see Tümay. It is Arif’s job to comfort Esma who didn’t get to see her daughter. Tümay is happy that Arif came all the way and even met her mother.

Ömer witnesses a crucial murder. He shares it with Arif and Tümay but Tümay is cautious and suspicious towards him. In the meantime Tarık unveils some dirty laundry which will upset and put lots of people’s lives in danger. Tarık, Murat, Zafer, Arif and Ömer get together at a confrontation which will reveal several facts.

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