Back Streets | Hüsnü back in business

Back Streets | Hüsnü back in business
Hüsnü shops for a little present to give Suat
Episode 403

Ferruh and Ayşe get pulled over by the police. As one police notices the people inside are wanted by the police, Nejat attempts to run. There’s a long chase and hearing the police radio, the crew joins it. Ferruh and Ayşe manage to escape. The police crew collaborates with the SWAT teams to bring down a gang preparing a mass explosion.

Azmi is in serious trouble about the guns he lost in Kilis. Maruf continues his life in his single-cell prison. Yet Azmi isn’t quite done with Maruf. The organization expects logistical support from Azmi about gun and ammo shipment.

Hüsnü gets paid not only his regular salary but a bonus as well. He wants to buy Suat a nice gift. Zeliha and Nazike agree to help Hüsnü about it.

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