Never Let Go | Nazan's small victory: no divorce

Never Let Go | Nazan's small victory: no divorce
Nazan successfully manipulates Cahit
Episode 52

Believing that she found a cure for Fatih’s loneliness, Nur decides to have him reunite with his sister whom he hasn’t spoken for long. However, Fatih reacts to this in a manner she never saw coming and Nur understands her mission isn’t going to be easy. Easily tricked by Nazan, Cahit starts thinking mistakenly about Elmas changes his mind about divorce. This is the ultimate victory for Nazan. Cahit’s only condition regarding the situation is that they hide the fact that they didn’t get a divorce until Elmas gives birth. The reaction Yaren shows about who Yağmur really is leaves Yiğit and Cahit in a difficult position. In the middle of all this chaos, Nur and Yiğit enjoy their romance to the fullest.

New episode on Show TV, May 26th, at 20.00