Intersection | Murat triggers so many wars at once

Intersection | Murat triggers so many wars at once
Eylül's arrival changes the dynamics in Ali Nejat and Naz's relationship
Episode 21

Feyza suspects the decision for Ali Nejat, Kaan and Naz’s to move abroad is actually Naz’s idea and she faces Naz for it. This time, Naz isn’t so easy on her. A war between the two is looming.

Murat keeps trying everything in his reach to harm Tarık and Enver as he holds them responsible for his father’s suicide. For him, one other way of bankrupting Karasu Holding is to set up a fake bid and make Tarık lose big amounts of money. Another option is to marry Feyza. Knowing Murat for what he is, Enver declares war.

Ali Nejat receives a mysterious phone call as he struggles to reveal Murat’s true intentions. Ali Nejat now knows for sure that Murat is up to no good, but nobody in his family wants to believe him. In the meantime, it is a brand new era for Ali Nejat, who united with his grand love affair Eylül from the past, and Naz, who finds out about this past romance from none other than Murat…

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