Magnificent Century: Kösem | Sultan executes his brother

Magnificent Century: Kösem | Sultan executes his brother
Sultan Osman triggers Kösem's second winter and also her spirit for vengeance
Episode 28

Sultan Osman gives the orders for his brother Mehmed’s death. Prince Mehmed gets executed. As Kösem mourns the death of her son, İstanbul experiences an unprecedented winter. Kösem faces Osman and it shatters their mother-son bond forever. Sultan ignores the tradition and marries a Turkish woman which attracts heavy reaction. He later goes to war at Hotin. Meanwhile, Kösem comes up with a dangerous plan to find İskender after finally knowing he is alive. Yet a certain someone’s betrayal to her is beyond surprising. After realizing that Kösem is going after her brother, Princess Hümaşah sends İskender away. As Kösem hits her enemy with a final blow, life stops for Safiye. Sultan Osman faces a janissary rebellion while on the crusade. After making a critical decision to scare away and suppress the rebellion, Osman is left between a dangerous crossfire.

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