Endless Love | Kemal's big plan finally bears fruit?

Endless Love | Kemal's big plan finally bears fruit?
Emir-Nihan-Kemal triangle pulls in more confusion 
Episode 32

Kemal reports a murder committed right before their eyes and thus paves the way for an investigation. Emir is more than sure that the investigation won’t take long but there are 2 things he wants to know: who is his brother? And what was Nihan doing there with Kemal? Although Nihan tells him Kemal’s presence there wasn’t her doing, Emir thinks Nihan broke their deal so he prepares a just punishment he deems fit.

Emir’s game infuriates Kemal. For whatever reason now, Kemal makes a decision to never stop. Realizing this time Kemal is dead-serious, Nihan tries to reach him. Meanwhile, Emir makes his mind up to try to find his brother.

In the meantime, Asu counts of his uncle’s protection in the face of Emir’s threats. Hakkı doesn’t speak to Asu about the truth, but intimidates her even more. He makes a proposition to Asu for the most dangerous step of their revenge plan.

Kemal realizes that in order to reveal Emir’s every trick and lie regarding that night, the proof needs to be passed to his blackmailer; in other words to Emir’s brother. He goes to Tufan to deliver this message but when Tufan delivers Kemal’s proposition to Asu, complication ensues.

The charity event Nihan organizes with Leyla not only reunites Kemal and Nihan, it also enables a confrontation between Emir and Kemal.
To escape Emir’s wrath, Zeynep stays with Kemal and makes a grand plan for her return home. She uses Vildan first to erase all doubt and threat about herself. Her next target is Ozan.

Emir puts all his connections to use to find his sibling. Then a surprise phone call promises him what he’s looking for. The charity event will be a turning point for everyone involved: for that night will be the night Kemal’s plans will reach a conclusion.

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