Winter Sun | Efe walks away from Nisan

Winter Sun | Efe walks away from Nisan
Bora takes full advantage of Nisan's vulnerable phase
Episode 14

Efe goes to the address Seda gave her and to his devastation, he sees Nisan and Yakup in close embrace. He expects her to explain the situation but she doesn’t say a word. Her silence is only the beginning of their love’s demise. The course of events take escalate unexpectedly when Efe describes to Efruz the ring his father’s murderer was wearing. Efruz figures out the ring belonged to her father and that her father Kadim is the murderer. It is tough job to come out to Efe about it. As Nisan, who endures Seda’s games, abandoned by her mother Sumru and left alone by Efe, goes through a difficult time, Bora grows more and more interested in her. Nisan goes to the hospital for her father Yakup, and as she discovers a bitter reality, it is again Bora who’s by her side.

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