Bandits | Hızır loses control and power

Bandits | Hızır loses control and power
Hızır makes a decision of getting along with his new friends
Episode 37

Alparslan retaliates Ünal Kaplan’s move with an unexpected move of his own. When everyone assumes to vote for Özkan’s death, a surprise ‘blood loss’ catches them off-guard. Who’s going to make the first move: Ünal Kaplan in response to everything that happened in his absence or Hızır Çakırbeyli who learns the real source of Özkan’s power and hasn’t done anything yet?

Hosting the funeral is another tension point. The nephew Toprak left behind has no intention to stay mute about this death. Seeing that control of things are slipping away day by day, Hızır Çakırbeyli decides to reconcile with his new friends.

Çakırbeyli house also deals with its inner troubles. Meryem’s reaction to İlyas, whom she thinks is cheating on Esra, is severe. The family is also worried for Alparslan reuniting with his gun. In the meantime, it is Nurten this time who creates problems with the Nazlı issue. It is just a matter of time before Nazlı, driven with fear, makes her third mistake against Hızır...

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