Yeşil Deniz : Yakut's return is the talk of the town

Yeşil Deniz : Yakut's return is the talk of the town
While Yakut tries to move on and get past the trauma, everybody talks about her return
Episode 74

Yakut’s return is the talk of the town. After Neşe and her family’s departure, Süleman’s nose bleeds but he doesn’t take it seriously. Cemile hears of Yakut’s return as she shops for potatoes so she runs to Naciye’s to break the news. Kamil, Hicabi and İsmail make a situation assessment at Hicabi’s yard. Hicabi proposes that they retreat to the farm house to get away from rumors but İsmail has made up his mind. He believes his wife and he is not going anywhere. In the meantime, Yakut is still shaken and thinks about the man whose death she caused. She asks İsmail if he had any relatives so they travel to a Gypsy neighborhood to pay their condolences. Süleman, Emin and Cemil go to build a house for a man in need upon Mehmet Ali’s suggestion. When Emin goes back home to pick up some scraps, he runs into the midwife and learns the danger Emine suffered. Is Süleman’s sickness something serious? Will he be able to move on with his life in light of all the rumors? As news of Feridun’s sunken boat arrives, a surprise news force Yakut and İsmail to make a specific decision.

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