Broken Pieces | Ayşe's innocent plans ignite a brand new war

Broken Pieces | Ayşe's innocent plans ignite a brand new war
Ayşe is about to find out an innocent attempt at introducing the boyfriend to family can cause chaos
Episode 67

Ayşe takes Cihan away in a hurry after she encounters Harun at the restaurant. Noticing Ayşe there at the last moment, Harun follows them out. This incident causes things between Cihan and Ayşe to get tense.

Dilara hands over her rights at the company to Ozan and things spiral out of control. Ozan is thirsty for revenge so he goes to Candan one more time. Yet this time, things don’t look so promising for him.

Özkan decides to tell the truth to Sevinç but with the latest news he receives, he decides to play along a little longer. Neither Özkan nor Sevinç realize that Keriman is around.

Maide offers to pay Hatice to go away after having reappeared years later. Ayşe organizes a surprise birthday party for Cihan to make things alright between them again. Cihan’s nemesis is, naturally, invited to the party. Ayşe will wish she never organized the party in the first place...

New episode on Star, May 23rd, at 20.00