Hayatımın Aşkı | Gökçe ruins yet another chance

Hayatımın Aşkı | Gökçe ruins yet another chance
With panic and shock, Gökçe blows another opportunity of making a good impression
Episode 2

Gökçe is working at full throttle to make Demir the love of her life. The agency she works at want her to make a presentation without notice. Even though she is unprepared, she is determined to make a good impression on Demir. Yet when she finds out who the customer is, Gökçe is shocked. She panics in front of the guy for whom she once made life miserable and she messes up her presentation. Demir is crazy mad at Gökçe for alienating a customer. Gökçe makes a promise to make things right even though she doesn’t know how. With Kaan’s help, she gets a second chance for presentation. Meanwhile, Gökçe has great opportunity to find out more about Demir but she is out of luck yet again. Now, Gökçe has to prepare an excellent presentation and also chase her chance at love without making a fool of herself just for once!

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