O Hayat Benim | Efsun opposes Affan, but at what risk?

O Hayat Benim | Efsun opposes Affan, but at what risk?
To-be-mother Efsun makes big decision with no understanding of what she might lose
Episode 95

Hülya’s heart almost stops after she’s poisoned with an overdose of blood pressure pills. As Efsun and Arda look at their baby’s ultrasound and listen to its heartbeat for the first time, they are shaken with tragic news. A maddened Kenan risks everything to avenge Hülya but Fulya is nowhere to be found. After losing Zeynep, Affan is determined to get back at Kısmet Lane’s residents but this time Efsun greets him. Their business partnership evolves into a relationship of arch enemies. Efsun has no idea what she could lose at the end. Ateş goes to prison and Bahar is devastated once again after thinking they finally have a fresh start. Meanwhile, Ateş faces things in prison that will turn their lives upside down.

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