LadyVille | Ferit rushes to İlkgün's help

LadyVille | Ferit rushes to İlkgün's help
As Ferit helps İlknur, he also tries to find out how she feels about him
Episode 5

İlknur is in a complete dead-end because of the pictures in the papers and Ferit rushes to his help. Yet not everyone believes Ferit. No matter how much Düzgün and Fikri cross each other, Ferit has no intention of letting İlkgün slip away. He tries everything to find out how İlkgün feels about him and makes various plans.

Meanwhile Koptagel is beyond depressed after learning his minibus is sold in İstanbul. The only person who can help him out of his misery is Grandma Nuriye. Because he loves him so much and wants to marry him to his daughter İlkgün, Düzgün takes Koptagel home and takes care of him. On the other hand, Elmas is mad to learn Koptagel is staying at Düzgün’s and she tries to come up with a plan to make him jealous.

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