Kertenkele: Kara Kemal tries to lure Melis in

Kertenkele: Kara Kemal tries to lure Melis in
Kara Kemal wants to make a positive influence on Melis before she goes out of disguise
Episode 66

Hicabi’s unexpected encounter with Ghost causes yet other unexpected events. Everybody is convinced that Hicabi is dead. Having settled a deal with Baba Kadir for the video record, Kertenkele knows he needs to follow Gizem to be able to get to Akıncı. Meanwhile Melis tries to get rid of Bahar. Kara Kemal is obsessed with the idea of luring Melis before she stops disguising herself as Bıçkın Adnan. Kertenkele finally gives in to Zehra’s pressure and agrees to send Bahar away. Yet he still needs the evidence to prove innocent. For that to happen, he needs to get to Akıncı who is nowhere to be found.

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