The Return | Orhan and Leyla dream of a happy future

The Return | Orhan and Leyla dream of a happy future
But there are lots of people in their way to stop that from happening
Episode 10

Orhan is facing the possibility of losing his land he inherited from his father and grandfather because of Veli’s cooperation with Musa. Musa’s plan of leaving Orhan without roots and a land is one step away from becoming reality. The unexpected occurs and Musa realizes he fell for his own trap.

Oğuz Doğu’s war against Orhan Yarımcalı is enlarged in magnitude and he decides to hurt Orhan through people he cares about. Orhan fights all his enemies with dignity. Things he learned about Leyla and Kemal, and also the instinct to protect his family from the enemy causes him to lose balance. Eventually Orhan has to ask for Murat’s help. When he realizes that answer to all his questions lives within himself, Orhan makes a risky decision.

Orhan and Leyla are oblivious to their future as they dream of a life where they leave everything behind and be together. The enemy has no intention of giving them a break! Orhan again has to make sacrifices for his family and for the oppressed who look up to him for help. As his own son is about to slip away, Orhan does everything in his power not to lose him...

New episode on ATV, May 20th, at 20.00