Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Tümay is hospitalized

Sevda Kuşun Kanadında | Tümay is hospitalized
Zafer takes his daughter home to take better care of her
Episode 4

Arif gets a gun pointed at his head in return for his opposition to occupying the university. Even though Tarık wants Arif to be shot, Tümay tries to stop it. Tarık gets angry at Tümay for her behavior and turns this into an opportunity to expel Tümay from the organization.

After their raid at the Beyazıt Tower the leftists raise a red flag and Zafer takes this chance to turn the situation into an advantage. He orders the police to stop the occupation. Upon police’s rigid entrance into the university, Tümay is hospitalized.

Arif rushes to the hospital after hearing of Tümay. Zafer takes his daughter home worrying that the hospital won’t take good care of her. When he takes a Tümay home, Nesteren makes a sneaky plan to use it against Esma.

Meanwhile, things are tense between Zeynep and Mustafa. Arif’s aunt Müberra dreams of marrying her daughter Zeynep to his nephew Arif despite Hüsnü and his children’s protest. Müberra gets suspicious after Zeynep’s objection and behavior and goes through Zeynep’s stuff; only to find letters from Mustafa...

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