Black Rose | Ayşe survives Kendal's bloody ambush

Black Rose | Ayşe survives Kendal's bloody ambush
Ayşe and Mehdi get out alive from the car whereas Kasım and Özlem aren't as lucky
Episode 122

Kendal forces the car with Kasım, Özlem, Ayşe and Mehdi into the water without knowing that his own rage will be his personal hell. Ayşe and Mehdi survive the accident whereas Kasım and Özlem struggle for their lives.

Baran and Ebru’s balance is shaken upon Narin’s death. Ebru is agonized for not being able to help her son and being too far from him, while Ada and Maya decide to help their brother. Yet this time Baran’s personal wall greets them.

In the most unexpected way, Ebru figures out Kendal’s connection to Narin and Fırat’s deaths and she tells Oğuz. Thinking that this is the end for him, Oğuz attempts one final move and vows for vengeance. Now it is time for Oğuz and Kendal’s battle.

Meanwhile Emine returns to Halfeti to finish Kendal for good after her confrontation with Kadriye. It is now time to start the countdown for Kendal’s demise...

New episode on Fox Friday, May 20th, at 20.00