Intersection | A dangerous intrusion from the past

Intersection | A dangerous intrusion from the past
How will Eylül's return complicate things for Naz and Ali Nejat?
Episode 20

Enver asks his sister Eylül, who holds herself responsible for Barış’s death, back to the country. Eylül was involved in a grand love affair with Ali Nejat until Barış’s death, upon which she left the country and also Ali Nejat. Her return will ignite a series of complications.

After seeing Umut and Neslihan rather intimate, she tells Umut that she and Ali Nejat are getting ready for marriage. Ali Nejat and Naz’s plans to move abroad after their marriage makes Feyza uncomfortable among all other. Finding out that Ali Nejat gave up on his dreams of building a car to marry Naz, Tarık offers Ali Nejat to rule the company again but Ali Nejat’s answer is not one he expects.

Having told Murat to stay clear from Feyza, Enver confronts Tarık. Yet both Murat and Tarık hate Enver with all their being. As Murat holds Enver responsible for his father’s death, Tarık is worried for their past secrets to surface. Making Feyza an offer, Murat doesn’t realize they are being watched by a third party...

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