Magnificent Century: Kösem | The empire has a new Sultan

Magnificent Century: Kösem | The empire has a new Sultan
Sultan Osman's first acts make Kösem worried 
Episode 27

Kösem tries her hardest to save her children and with what she witnesses, she is beyond shocked. Sultan Mustafa is dethroned! Mustafa’s biggest nightmares turn into reality as he is locked again. His mother Halime is thrown into the dungeons. With Kösem’s support, Osman becomes the ruling Sultan. His first action is to banish her own mother who cost him his right in the throne in the first place. Kösem goes out in disguise only to see a surprise someone downtown. Safiye comes up with a sneaky plan to ruin things between Kösem and Osman. Osman raids Kösem’s secret meeting and gives her a severe punishment. Ambushed and tricked by Safiye, Prince Mehmed makes a dreadful mistake thinking his Sultan brother will kill him. Believing that his brother is going to rebel against him, Sultan Osman gives orders for his brother Mehmed’s execution. As Kösem and Osman grow far apart, Prince Mehmed approaches his death by the minute.

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