Never Let Go | Yiğit and Nur finally reunite

Never Let Go | Yiğit and Nur finally reunite
Nur and Yiğit are together once again after the accident.
Episode 51

As Nur and Yiğit reunite after the accident, Mert witnesses their reunion and realizes that his father and Nur are still together. Yiğit tries to talk to his son and make things right between them by telling him all about the truth yet as always, İclal’s previous talks with Mert turns him against his father. The accident acts as a revelation for Yiğit and Nur in realizing the power of their love; the two talk things through and enjoy their happy time together. As the divorce court date approaches Nazan will play her strongest hand and turn Elmas and Cahit against each other. Seeing how lonely Fatih is, Nur looks to remedy this problem and prepares a surprise...

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