Wedlock | Yekta determined to block Aylin's plans

Wedlock | Yekta determined to block Aylin's plans
Aylin's met with strong criticism as she tries to fight Yekta
Episode 21

Handan and Filiz turn their backs on Aylin because of the fact that Yekta is suing Duru. Zafer, on the other hand, is willing to accept whatever destiny has in store for him. Yılmaz is even more infuriated at Yekta after realizing that Handan may be going to prison. On the one hand Aylin tries to stand up straight against the criticism she receives, while on the other she tries to find a defense lawyer. Nobody wants to take over the case and to top it all off, Aylin is having financial problems to cover the expenses. The lawyer problem is solved thanks to Yılmaz whereas the money problem is solved by a surprise person. As everybody slowly starts siding with Aylin, Yekta is determined to not let that happen.

The lawyer has a hard time coming up with the proof that he is both a lousy father and a husband so he comes up with a demonic defense trick. Yet this method will complicate things on Aylin’s side. They will either say yes to his offer or they’ll accept whatever future holds...

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