Magnificent Century | Will Kösem get a second season?

Magnificent Century | Will Kösem get a second season?
A return for Kösem may be possible but Magnificent Century Kösem is coming to an end this June. 
The lower-than-expected ratings Kösem is receiving continues to trouble the production. There are several speculations about the show each day and the question if Kösem will or will not get a second season comes up every time.

Based on the information from a solid source, Magnificent Century Kösem finishes its journey on Star TV this June. However, TIMS production wishes to continue the tradition with the story of Murad the 4th... This possibility of a story about Murad the 4th had long been a speculation but now at least the plans about the project is confirmed.

Another question is Beren Saat’s presence in this upcoming project. The production company’s casting decision about Murad the 4th will also naturally decide the presence of Kösem (and therefore the actress to play her) depending on the time era that will be portrayed. There are a couple of names we heard spoken of but since there are no official statements yet, we choose to remain silent as well.

Therefore, at this point, the only official information regarding Kösem is that “Magnificent Century Kösem: Origins” will finish its short journey on television this June. It is of course only natural that if there ever is a possibility of a sequel, then Star TV will be on board as the broadcasting company. We are going to have to wait a while longer to find out how/if (and of course, when) the project will ever come to life.