Aile İşi | Everyone goes after the doll

Aile İşi | Everyone goes after the doll
Will the doll be the solution to every problem?
Episode 12

Members of ‘the family’ goes after the doll Arif has; the doll that can solve everything. They of course put themselves in various types of danger using their peculiar style. Asiye questions Berk about the pictures she saw in the papers. The time Kudret gave his debtors is up. Just when everyone is about to hand over their shares, Berk comes in to save the day and deals with the bazaar location problem successfully. Meanwhile, Kudret brings down Müjde’s house to give a message to Hakan. Hakan and Cemali manage to find the doll that’s turned to ash. Ece’s reunion with the doll is a moment worth witnessing.

New episode on ATV, May 18th, at 20.00