Poyraz Karayel | Ayşegül plays a dangerous game

Poyraz Karayel | Ayşegül plays a dangerous game
Ayşegül flirts with Neşet to leak information
Episode 58

Ayşegül and Poyraz learn in from different sources that the person they thought to be Heisenberg is actually a woman named Aysen Berk. Both parties go after the woman but Poyraz gets to her first. The prosecutor is furious and gives Ayşegül an ultimatum and tells her to find out from Poyraz the whereabouts of Aysen Berk at all costs. Meanwhile, Aysen Berk gets kidnapped and Neşet is on the move. Ayşegül tries to act friendly with Neşet to deliver information to the prosecutor. Her friendly nature makes İhsan curious and he goes after Ayşegül. Poyraz also follows Neşet and as soon as Neşet realizes that Poyraz is onto him, he makes a deadly decision. Yet Poyraz isn’t the only one looking death in the eye...

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