Bandits: Hızır's plans brought to a halt

Bandits: Hızır's plans brought to a halt
Revelations about Ünal Kaplan will have to wait a little longer
Episode 36

News of the love that reignites between Emine and Fikret that hasn’t died for more than twenty years drops like a bomb. Tipi’s anger for his older sister isn’t one to die easily. After everything that’s happened, Hızır Çakırbeyli’s plans to reveal Ünal Kaplan’s dirty games through Fikret are brought to a halt. Luckily, with government’s help, the proof that’ll justify all doubts regarding Özkan will be revealed. Meanwhile, Ünal Kaplan escalates his plans about the gun shipment. Emine’s experiences result in a general increase in women’s fear. Nazlı is more than exhausted trying to survive in men’s world and she feels more positively about the idea of leaving for good. And maybe it is just a matter of time before Meryem gets her biggest wish realized…

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