Winter Sun | Nisan lies to everyone for Yakup

Winter Sun | Nisan lies to everyone for Yakup
Yakup asks for Nisan's help to get away
Episode 13

Surviving the accident with some injuries, Yakut appears in front of Nisan. Thinking her father was dead, Nisan is shocked. Yakup asks for Nisan’s help to go abroad and disappear. Nisan takes pity on him and ends up having to lie to everyone she loves, including Efe. Nisan and Efe’s marriage decision only fuels Seda’s desire for revenge. Noticing Bora’s feelings for Nisan, Seda comes up with a plan to leave Nisan and Bora alone together. Efe is increasingly disturbed by Bora’s presence around them. In the meantime Efruz, whose life changed after Kadim’s single mistake, also gets close to Efe. Finding out Yakup and Nisan saw each other, Seda can’t sit without doing anything and prepares to strike Nisan with the deadliest blow.

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