Broken Pieces | Harun has a lot to make up for

Broken Pieces | Harun has a lot to make up for
First, Harun needs to dodge the consequences of his uninformed visit at the mansion
Episode 66

During Dilara’s hearing, the court invites Ozan as a witness against Dilara and everyone is stupefied with shocked. Dilara is arrested and taken to prison. While Cansu is devastated, Hazal again has other interests of her own.

Harun finds Candan and threatens her so that she pulls her complaint back and give him the record.  Candan also manages to use this situation to her advantage and tells Ozan that Harun threatened her. This time, Ozan sticks by Candan’s side.

Meanwhile, Ayşe takes her patient Hatice, who claims she needed a job, to meet with Maide. However, the two are acquainted with each other for many years but Ayşe can and shall never find out about it.

Harun realizes that Demir Alaz is definitely his son and that he made a huge mistake. He means to apologize to Dilara but she doesn’t want a word of it. Despaired, Harun secretly goes to the mansion to see his son. Yet in that same exact moment, Cihan and Cansu arrive at the house to pick up Demir Alaz...

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