Life Song | Hülya has some explaining to do

Life Song | Hülya has some explaining to do
Hülya needs to come up with an explanation, for Kerim and for the Cevher family
Episode 15

Hülya and Mahir’s plan doesn’t go the way they expected and Müfit catches them. Hülya is left in a very dire situation. She immediately needs to find the excuse to explain to Kerim and the Cevher family what she was doing with Mahir by her side, in front of Müfit’s office in the middle of the night. Hüseyin is more than worried for not being able to get to Melek and he tries everything in his power to find her. Meanwhile Zeynep slowly loses her hopes of remaining a family with Hüseyin. Her anger towards Cevher family, and towards Hülya and Melek clouds her judgment. She has a plan to singlehandedly destroy all of them...

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