O Hayat Benim | Efsun and Arda wait for the court decision

O Hayat Benim | Efsun and Arda wait for the court decision
Food works better than rose petals ^_^ 
Episode 94

Why did Efsun get arrested? Did somebody turn her in? Whatever Arda does to help Efsun it doesn’t seem to work. Efsun will face the judge and the decision will affect everyone involved in her life. Kenan looks for ways to return to the mansion as Mehmet Emir asks Ateş for help to stop that from happening. Yet the fact that Ateş tried to kill Kenan will haunt him. The thought of Ateş never coming home as Bahar waits for him in their new home doesn’t even occur to her. Sultan and Ganimet find out that Zeynep is getting ready to marry Affan and go far away. Two mothers take action to save their daughter but Affan’s luxurious yacht has already sailed. After their divorce with Mehmet Emir is officiated, Fulya vows to avenge and starts her battle against the one that turned her life into a nightmare...

New episode on Fox, Sunday May 15th, at 20.00


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