Baba Can'dır | Ece helps Bahar find shelter

Baba Can'dır | Ece helps Bahar find shelter
Salih and his family open their doors for Bahar
Episode 38

When Haluk catches Hasan looking at his mother’s pictures, he figures out that the woman who got into his car yesterday was actually his mother. Bahar takes shelter in Salih’s house with Ece’s help and she wins their heart by telling them her story. She regrets every single lie she ever told Hasan and his son. Meanwhile, Haluk goes after his mother after hearing of her arrival. Even though Emrecan feels bitter about it, he can’t stop Ceylan from going to Germany. Yet Ceylan leaves without notice. Müjde and Adnan agree to get a divorce. Yet after signing the agreement, Adnan has a great surprise to share with Egemen...

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