Kalbim Yangın Yeri | Sevda determined to keep the husband

Kalbim Yangın Yeri | Sevda determined to keep the husband
Sevda finds out about her husband and her sister's secret 
Episode 3

Sevda doesn’t want to believe that Volkan wants to divorce. Leyla is panicking behind closed doors. When her family walks into the room, they find Sevda unconscious. The tension between Volkan and Leyla grows bigger by the minute.

Meanwhile, after watching the video Yeşim sent, Zümrüt manages to hide it from Şahin and returns back to the mansion. It is imperative to Zümrüt that Volkan continues this marriage. For this very reason Yeşim and Zümrüt make an agreement.

Volkan can’t face the fact that Leyla and Mehmet are in some kind of a relationship. When he visits Mehmet to ask him questions, he is met with an unexpected view which only makes things worse.

Sevda still doesn’t understand why Volkan wants to get a divorce. Yet she finally has her answers after talking to Alev. Infuriated with the truth, Sevda has no intention of letting Volkan go.

Volkan decides to leave Leyla desperate at all costs so he strikes a deal with Kenan. With this move, he is one step ahead of Leyla. However, Leyla is determined to play this game with her own rules. Leyla’s surprise leaves not only Volkan but his entire family speechless...

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