LadyVille | Ferit and İlkgün's secret is out!

LadyVille | Ferit and İlkgün's secret is out!
İlkgün is convinced that Ferit just kidnapped her
Episode 4

Thinking that Ferit is kidnapping her, İlkgün plays a trick on Ferit that will almost cost him his life. After this trick leaves them in a lurch, the girls ask the İsmails’ for help so they end up having to steal Reşat’s car. Reşat realizes that his car is stolen as he’s trying to show off to Elmas. To make things worse, Erol tells him that his car was moving without a driver and it was steered by spirits so the rumor spreads in the village. This rumor causes a series of funny events in the village.

After several attempts, Koptagel and Elmas finally have some time privately. As they kindle their romance alone in their van on a remote place from the village, Düzgün’s daughters spot them. It won’t be easy to explain the situation to the girls.

Ferit has no intention of giving up on İlkgün. They go to the ‘Love Waterfall’ and start talking about their time in İstanbul. In the meantime, Reşat’s sisters who escaped the spirits rumor and hid near the waterfall hear Ferit and İlkgün’s conversation. Ferit and İlkgün’s secret is revealed but they have no idea that it did. Meanwhile, some of İlkgün’s photographs taken in İstanbul are published in the tabloids. Inspired by these photographs, Reşat gets ready to play an entirely new trick...

New episode on Star TV, May 14th, at 20.00