Black Heart | Emre is refueled with his thirst for revenge

Black Heart | Emre is refueled with his thirst for revenge
Mahir's visit triggers Emre's plans 
Episode 5

Ece is in a tight corner after Eylül sees her and Emre in the same car. As Emre is trying to come up with a cover-up for the situation, the Yamaners discover Ada’s health problems. Deep Voice’s confession shocks Ece. She responds with anger, only to be left in a difficult position with the comeback she receives. After the picture he painted on the wall, Kaan doesn’t know what to do with a phone call as he is surprised by the offer he gets. Everyone is curious when Mine visits unannounced the house Ece grew up in with her aunt and uncle. Kemal’s attitude toward Mine will leave Ece speechless as one word coming out from his mouth can ruin Ece for life. Feyyaz uses Rüzgar for his personal business and he’s relieved, only Rüzgar is oblivious to the threat he has to endure while he does all that. The untimely visit from Mahir will shock and cause suspicion in Emre. Mahir takes Emre to a house only to trigger his thirst for revenge. After this house visit, Emre goes to the Yamaner house and confronts Ece. Ece reveals something to Emre in tears...

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