Kertenkele: Baba Kadir has an offer for Kertenkele

Kertenkele: Baba Kadir has an offer for Kertenkele
Meanwhile, Bıçkın Adnan has a plan of his own
Episode 65

After failing at separating Hicabi and Gizem, Baba Kadir makes a new plan and this time he is so close to success. Yet Hicabi has no intention of giving up on Gizem and he is willing to confront him in this matter. In the meantime, it is just a matter of time before Sokrat wakes up and Hayalet finds out who Akıncı is. Disguised as Bıçkın Adnan, Melis realizes that Zehra is trying to set ‘him’ up with Bahar so ‘he’ starts hitting on Zehra. Kertenkele witnesses this and goes crazy. Zehra will abuse the situation to her own benefit after seeing Kertenkele is jealous of Bıçkın Adnan. Semih has a video in his possession that can clear Kertenkele’s name and prove he is innocent. He sells this record to Baba Kadir. In return of this video, Baba Kadir makes Kertenkele an important offer. Kertenkele will have to do what he asks of in order to clear his own name.

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