Back Streets | Hüsnü wakes up

Back Streets | Hüsnü wakes up
As Hüsnü gets better, the crew tries to save Mesut
Episode 401

Mesut walks down with the guardians of the prison as he thinks back to good news regarding Hüsnü’s condition. Hüsnü wakes up and he is transferred to a standard room. Yet he doesn’t have full capacity in his right hand because of a bullet stuck between his spine. He is going to need another surgery after he gets better, but Hüsnü is well aware that there’s a bullet there and that he might never use his hand again like he used to and he is rather upset. He decides to spend his time at home with his family until his next surgery. Meanwhile Mesut meets the prison director Azmi, who is determined to make his prison time hell for Mesut. He informs Mesut that as a first-day precaution, he’ll spend the night in solitary. Even though Mesut is surprised, he doesn’t object. Prior to this, he is taken to the ward with the most dangerous criminals and they don’t like the idea of having a police among them. In the meantime, Rıza works with his team to come up with a plan and save Mesut. They research Azmi Boyatlı and discover that he is the undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence in the North. The crew is determined to capture Maruf, save Mesut and put an end to Azmi Boyatlı’s reign all at once.

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