Black Rose | Kendal signs his own death warrant

Black Rose | Kendal signs his own death warrant
Kendal plans his ultimate revenge-- only to put himself on the chopping block
Episode 121

As Narin lets Fırat take control over her heart, a new era begins for Baran. Stuck between two great loves, he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Ebru gives her best fight as her son slips through her fingers day by day and in the toughest times of her motherhood, she struggles to survive without damage with her son.

Kendal finds out about Özlem and Kasım and that Özlem is pregnant. With his demonic nature, Kendal plans on killing all three of them this time. Yet what Kendal doesn’t know is Ayşe and Mehdi are also in the same car as those 3. Blinded by revenge and anger, Kendal walks into the darkest and most irrevocable path of his life. Kendal orders his own death without knowing.

New episode on Fox, May 13th, at 20.00