Wedlock | İdil has a demonic plan

Wedlock | İdil has a demonic plan
İdil helps Yekta with her testimony but she also plans her revenge from Aylin...
Episode 20

As court time approaches, the struggle for life between Ebru and Yekta continues. Either Ebru will bring Yekta to death with her or Yekta will prove she is alive and get his freedom back. Unaware of this face-off, Aylin brings İdil to the court against her will. İdil’s testimony clear away any allegation regarding Yekta. Everybody waits for Yekta to arrive but it doesn’t happen. Even though it seems like İdil has given up, she has a rather cunning revenge plan in motion against Aylin. Just when everybody thinks it’s over, the words İdil utters changes everything once again...

New episode on ATV, May 12th, at 20.00