Poyraz Karayel: Poyraz is mad with jealousy!

Poyraz Karayel: Poyraz is mad with jealousy!
Poyraz sees Ayşegül with Neşet 
Episode 57

Poyraz is mad with jealousy after seeing Ayşegül and Neşet so close together. He suspects Neşet is up to something. Having Poyraz investigate Neşet conflicts with Ayşegül’s interest so she and the district attorney make a plan together. Poyraz and his team find out through Sadreddin’s inside info that there is someone called Heisenberg who pulls important strings. Poyraz has to find him but at the event they plan on capturing him, Ayşegül and Neşet show up and complication ensues. To top it all off, a series of misunderstandings give birth to a bigger crisis. Ayşegül faces danger as she is looking for a clue about the drug case. Yet Poyraz is just as much in trouble as she is...

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