Time of Departure: Big Finale

Time of Departure: Big Finale
Cennet and her family's journey ends tonight
Episode 15

Cennet is in for a brand new struggle after she hears Zümrüt is expelled. She will justify her daughter no matter what and make sure she goes back to her education. His biggest supporter in the process is Demir. Zümrüt ends up losing her biggest treasure when she was in fact supposed to get her dreams back. With great grief, Zümrüt and her sisters embark on a new life. Just when Zümrüt’s life start to get better as with her school and her love life, another disaster knocks on her door. Yet this will be their last agony and pain to endure.

Meanwhile, Yılmaz is also on the verge of a new life. He wants to avenge the things he had to go through and make a leap for better days. As soon as he thinks his name is finally cleared, he is shaken with a great loss. However, and unfortunately, this loss is only the beginning of a much greater disaster…

Time of Departure bids farewell to the screens tonight at 20.00 on Star