Life Song | Melek is kidnapped

Life Song | Melek is kidnapped
Melek goes missing and Hülya does everything to find her
Episode 14

Melek disappears after she closes her diner. Hülya decides to pressure Nilay to find out about her sister’s secret and also who fathers baby Bahar. Mahir takes on finding Melek. Nilay also has her own problems about the baby. Nilay’s family know their daughter has a baby and they go after her. According to Mahir’s queries, Melek is kidnapped. When she finds out who kidnapped her sister, Hülya asks for Bayram’s help. Bayram and Kerim set out to save Melek. Meanwhile Hülya makes a decision to make the kidnappers pay for what they did; and she’s going to do it in her own style.

New episode on Kanal D Tuesday at 20.00