Broken Pieces | Dilara goes to jail

Broken Pieces | Dilara goes to jail
On top of the problems she juggles with the men in her life, Dilara gets herself into further trouble by showing up at Candan's house
Episode 65

Cihan is infuriated to find out that Dilara has been seeing Harun. Dilara doesn’t return any of Cihan’s calls because at that time, she is over at Candan’s house. She tells Candan to stay away from Ozan and points her gun at her. In that exact moment, Ozan shows up and the gun is fired, which will in turn change all course of events.

Thinking that he’s been betrayed, Cihan kicks Dilara out of the house despite Cansu’s efforts to stop him. Another blow for Dilara comes from Harun when he says Demir Alaz isn’t his son. As everything goes downhill for Dilara, the police shows up to arrest her. She is charged with a massive crime and the person who will testify against her is someone that’s going to shock everybody!

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