LadyVille | Ferit doesn't leave İlkgün alone

LadyVille | Ferit doesn't leave İlkgün alone
The villagers feel threatened to have Ferit in their village 
Episode 3

İlkgün is surprised to see Ferit in front of her. Ferit gives İlkgün a hard time with her questions. She tries hard so that her father doesn’t notice they know each other.

Ferit’s father is determined to sell his property to İlkgün’s father Düzgün. Yet Reşat isn’t okay with this so he tricks them and tries to stop the sale. On the other hand, İlkgün’s father wants to bring Koptagel and İlkgün closer because he grows fond of Koptagel. Elmas hates the idea while Koptagel is more than content.

People are anxious to have Ferit in their village because they feel threatened for fear that he might steal girls’ hearts; girls they love! They ask for help from their village headwomen but the headwoman is jealous of Elmas for getting close with Düzgün!

The more İlkgün avoids Ferit, the more he chases her. Ferit keeps putting İlkgün in a difficult position so she plays a game.

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