Black Heart | Ece and Emre continue their collaboration

Black Heart | Ece and Emre continue their collaboration
Ece agrees to continue their deal with Emre
Episode 4

The revenge-thirst Eylül’s mother has against Mine is sure to shock everyone. She integrates Ece into her plan and Mine is furious. The surprise guest that arrives at Cevher Arman’s family home forces Adnan to take precautions but Mahir tells him everything is under control and stops Adnan. Emre wants to face Ece and talk to her. Although she panics, she continues their deal with Emre. Ece is nervous when an unexpected car drives past them and she spends the rest of the day equally anxious. A series of calamities put Rüzgar in a difficult position. A mistake he made in a friend’s house haunts him. Feyyaz will also be a part of this and Rüzgar will roll deep in chaos. Yet this will strengthen the relationship between them. The voice within tells Emre to let Ece go, which scares and saddens the duo. While Ece is at Emre’s place, a guest show up at the door: Mahir Yamaner! Things can only go more complicated from here. Why did Mahir go to Emre’s house? What was Adnan doing near Emre’s place?

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