The Eighties: Gülden and Ahmet are sleep-deprived

The Eighties: Gülden and Ahmet are sleep-deprived
Aslı keeps her parents awake 
Episode 192

Newlyweds Ergun and Nazlı are fighting already. As everyone’s curious to know why, Nazlı leaves her new home and goes back to her family home. Rukiye and Fehmi are shocked to see their daughters back at home and Nazlı tells them she has no intention of going back.

Gülden and Ahmet’s biggest problem currently is their daughter Aslı’s sleeping problem. Aslı keeps them awake while she stays up. Sleep-deprived for days, Gülden and Ahmet come up with a solution in their own style.

Officer Rıza wants to go to Trabzon on his leave of absence while Emel assumes they are going to their hometown Elazığ. The two go through a series of funny moments because of this misunderstanding.

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